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Millennials are one of the largest generations of all time, which goes without saying, they are currently dominating several major industries.

They are ready to start families and quickly becoming the mass population in the business industry and real estate.

Since Millennials are becoming more stable and ready to take on the responsibility of living on their own, which cities are they most drawn to?

Where are they going?

According to CubeSmart, Millennials are interested in cities where they will get the most out of their life.

Factors included affordability, job growth, diversity, outdoor activities, and the overall atmosphere of the area.

Some Millennials crave the non-stop action of a fast-paced city, or enjoy the easy living life in the suburbs with future plans of starting a family.

Whether Millennials are looking to stay out until 2am, run along the coast, or enjoy some quiet alone time, here are the best 15 cities for Millennials to live in 2018:

Disclaimer: there is no particular order for this list.

Chicago, Illinois


Chicago, known as the Windy City, has won over thousands of Millennials as one of the best cities to live. Not only does this extremely pedestrian-friendly city offer countless of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, bike riding, or beach volleyball, there is always something to do. Chicago also has a variety of places to wine and dine, and the average cost of rent is on the lower side for a metropolis city. Chicago is a very accessible and diverse city, which explains why it is a top choice for Millennials to live.

Report card:

Population: 2,714,017

Average rent: $987

Accessibility: A+

Nightlife: A+

Diversity: A+

Austin, Texas


Austin has one of the biggest music scenes, which is no surprise why Millennials love this city. Not only is Austin a great place to listen to live music, but it has some of the best authentic BBQ restaurants and delicious taco joints. This city is also super outdoor friendly, which makes it extremely easy for Millennials to stay active and healthy. Lastly, Austin’s overall atmosphere is very laid back and open, making it effortless for Millennials to adapt to this western lifestyle.

Report card:

Population: 907,779

Average rent: $1,106

Accessibility: A-

Nightlife: A

Diversity: A+

Miami, Florida


When you think of Miami, the first three things you probably think of are the beautiful beaches, amazing cuisine, and crazy nightlife scene. Which is exactly why Millennials love this city. Miami offers countless of things to do, from boating, from restaurant/bar hopping or shopping; it’s no surprise why Millennials are migrating here. Although, it is one of the pricier cities, Miami makes up for it with its gorgeous views and variety of ways to soak up the sun.

Report card:

Population: 432,622

Average rent: $995

Accessibility: A-

Nightlife: A+

Diversity: A-

Minneapolis, Minnesota


If you don’t mind the cold weather and the die hard Vikings fans, Minneapolis is the place for you. This city offers it all, from its diverse vibe, to its variety of restaurants, and of course, to their unforgettable 10,000 lakes, Millennials are heading towards Minneapolis, fast. The job industry is another reason why Millennials are favoring Minneapolis; big industries such as health care and technology are starting up and show no signs of slowing down.

Report card:

Population: 404,670

Average rent: $898

Accessibility: A

Nightlife: A+

Diversity: A

Kansas City, Missouri


Kansas City, or KC, is slowly but surely getting on Millennials’ radar for potential cities to live in 2018. This city is stepping up its game by offering a bigger variety of food options, such as better fine dining and “meat-and-three” with a modern approach. KC also shows off its beauty with their multiple fountains, which adds an aesthetic appeal to this town. The job growth in Kansas City is also steady and thriving, which is no surprise why Millennials are moving to this city.

Report card:

Population: 471,767

Average rent: $826

Accessibility: A-

Nightlife: A-

Diversity: A

Denver, Colorado


As if we need to explain this city — Denver is one of the most green and active cities in the United States. People can easily walk around the city, so no need to worry about getting to the best restaurants and breweries in town. Not to mention, the countless of outdoor activities Denver offers, from hiking gorgeous mountains, to skiing some of the best hills, to exhilarating road biking, Millennials can never be bored in Denver.

Report card:

Population: 663,303

Average rent: $1,035

Accessibility: A

Nightlife: A+

Diversity: A+

Nashville, Tennessee


You don’t need to love country to enjoy this town. Nashville is quickly winning over Millennials’ hearts from its diverse atmosphere, to their variety of culinary options, to its hockey-oriented vibe. It’s no surprise why Millennials are moving here, they can easily find their niche. Nashville is also slowly dominating the job industry with its steady job growth. In this fast-paced city, you will never leave hungry or without square dancing, its just the southern way.

Report card:

Population: 643,771

Average rent: $902

Accessibility: B+

Nightlife: A+

Diversity: A

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Watch out, because Pittsburgh is making a comeback as one of the upcoming cities for Millennials to live. As one of the highest ranked cities for accessibility and affordability, Millennials are making the move to the east. Luckily, there is no problem finding a good beer or cocktail, because Pittsburgh is the 4th highest density bar in the nation. Lastly, the job opportunity and growth is incomparable to other cities, making it a no brainer Pittsburgh is the place to be.

Report card:

Population: 305,305

Average rent: $844

Accessibility: A

Nightlife: A+

Diversity: A

Columbus, Ohio


Columbus, also an upcoming city for Millennials because of its steady job growth, extreme affordability and diversity. Although its one of the “bigger small cities”, it has everything Millennials are looking for — family-friendly parks, cultural museums and delicious dining options. If you feeling inspired and have a million dollar idea, Columbus is ranked one of the best cities to start a business from the ground up. Columbus gives people the big city vibe without all the noise and chaos.

Report card:

Population: 837,038

Average rent: $856

Accessibility: A-

Nightlife: A

Diversity: A

Indianapolis, Indiana


Step aside, because Indianapolis is quickly becoming a top choice for Millennials to live in. Indianapolis has become one of the major hubs for great beer selections, brunch options and of course, variety of outdoor activities. Not to mention, Indianapolis is ranked as one of the best cities for job opportunities and affordability, which makes it an easy decision to move out to this midwestern state. Can’t forget about catching a lap or two at the Indy 500!

Report card:

Population: 846,674

Average rent: $811

Accessibility: B+

Nightlife: A-

Diversity: A

Sandy Springs, Georgia


Although its currently a common trend for Millennials to run off to big cities, Sandy Springs is quickly becoming a top choice. Just minutes away from Atlanta, Sandy Springs offers the small city vibe, with the option to get that fast-paced rush. Sandy Springs offers everything Millennials are looking for — accessibility, numerous of outdoor activities and a fun nightlife scene. Not to mention, this town is super pet-friendly, so Millennials can bring their furry friends out and about!

Report card:

Population: 102,212

Average rent: $1,083

Accessibility: B+

Nightlife: A-

Diversity: A+

Davenport, Iowa


As one of the most affordable cities in the United States, it’s no surprise why Millennials are gravitating towards Davenport. Consistently, this city has showed the cost of living to be on the lower side, while job opportunities are steadily growing. Davenport is also super outdoor friendly, which gives Millennials the chance to stay active and healthy. Lastly, Davenport also holds many restaurants and breweries on the riverfront, making it easy to enjoy delicious food with a view.

Report card:

Population: 102,305

Average rent: $715

Accessibility: A-

Nightlife: A-

Diversity: A-

Provo, Utah


If you are looking for affordability and the option to ski in your backyard, then Provo is the place for you. Provo offers affordable living options and has a steady job growth. If this doesn’t convince you, maybe the gorgeous mountains and amazing views will. This college-feel town is near where Adobe and eBay were born, which has inspired many other tech companies to start their roots in Provo. It’s truly a hidden gem.

Report card:

Population: 115,718

Average rent: $764

Accessibility: A

Nightlife: B+

Diversity: B+

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


This work hard, play hard city is slowly getting on Millennials’ radar for the best cities to live in. It is extremely affordable and there are many entry-level opportunities, which makes it perfect for younger professionals to get their careers started. Harrisburg also has a variety of outdoor activities, which makes it easy for people to stay fit. Not to mention, Scranton is only a two hour drive away, so if you need to get your Office fix in, it’s possible.

Report card:

Population: 49,160

Average rent: $786

Accessibility: A

Nightlife: A

Diversity: A+

Sioux Falls, South Dakota


In Sioux Falls, Millennials are skipping the apartment life and heading straight towards homeownership because of its extreme affordability and low unemployment rate. If monetary value is a huge factor, then this city is the one for you. It is very budget-friendly town, while offering a variety of delicious restaurants, breweries and outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. Lastly, Sioux Falls is a very pedestrian friendly city and has a great cultural scene.

Report card:

Population: 167,884

Average rent: $749

Accessibility: A-

Nightlife: B+

Diversity: B+

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